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Well the results of the engine work and fettling at PDQ are in: up to 158bhp at the rear wheel! Well done to Larry and the team. Also interesting is that that was up from 130bhp before their engine work and after I’d fitted a full Akrapovic system and rejetted it myself a while before. […]

A quick update on Blue Rex’s progress: it turns out that reprofiling my standard cams would have been experimental and Larry wasn’t prepared to experiment on a customer’s bike, so we agreed to buy a new set of ZZR1200 cams after all along with stronger valve springs. As the clutch had been slipping on track […]

Well after Robspeed Motorcycles at Grimsby serviced Blue Rex and left it misfiring within 3 miles of their workshops, I decided the time had come for Blue Rex to get some fettling and proper setting up. I’d been keeping a set of cams I’d been sold a few years ago which I was told were […]

Whilst I was in the USA doing the Pacific Coast Highway in a 5.0L V8 Mustang Convertible, I thought it was long overdue for Blue Rex to have some care and attention, so it was off to Larry at PDQ to give it a good fettle and its MoT. And it really was a good […]

Well today I went to collect the ZRX from PDQ post-fettling. And yes, I think it looks great! Larry mentioned that Nick had test-ridden it just to be on the safe side after they’d achieved their best-ever dyno results for a ZRX1200R on standard carbs/bores. I’d asked for a 44T rear sprocket as before and […]

Welcome to “Blue Rex”, my blog for stuff I do in relation to my 2002 Kawasaki ZRX1200R. My other blogs are listed over there in the Links bits. My name is Richard Morris, I’m in my 50s and I live in London. And I have lots of interests and (apparently) no life! Mods.: Akrapovic Supersport […]